Re: Is Quickcam still a good deal?

In message <19970714135445.26175.qmail@desk.crynwr.com>, Russell Nelson writes:
> Stew Benedict writes:
>  > 
>  > I've recently aquired a Panasonic Eggcam.  Comes with a Miro PCTV card,
>  > which I'm hoping to get working under Linux soon.
> This is NOT to dissuade you from doing that, but the problem I see
> with any video digitizer attached to a CCD camera is that you've got
> 	analog->digital->analog->digitized
> 	light    ccd      NTSC    video
> multiple analog->digital conversions.  Every time you do that you lose
> information and introduce distortion.

Then again, almost any camera/digitizer combination produces images with
a quality that is quite superior to the QuickCam 
(both resolution and frame rate)...