Re: Cable Extension

At 05:06 PM 7/9/97 -0500, Jacob Crow wrote:
>Whoa, 50 feet?  what kind of cable do you use, could we get some more
>info on exactly how this was done?
> -Jacob

I'm using a standard 50ft printer cable-- it cost about $12.00

To take care of the power, you need to open the end of the QC cable (It is
held with snap clips) just cut the small cord coming in for power, and
attach a 5VDC power converter to those leads (black is gnd, white is +)
I got a 4.5 v converter from Radio Shack, and it works fine--(computer
voltage is around 4.7)  don't worry about amps, because the QC will draw
only what it needs.  One interesting note-- I tested a "5V" power converter
that I had lying around, and it was reading around 6.5 on my voltmeter.
The camera would not work with it, so there must be some sort of protection
for too much voltage.  Like I said, I'm trying to find out if there are 2
leads that are not used by the camera so I could run power through the
parallel cable-- it would be nice to only have one cord coming from the

Good luck!

Howie Oakes
Athens, Ga. USA