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At 11:56 AM 7/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>hmueller@mail.kabel.de,Internet writes:
>>I doubt that 100 feet is possible with any kind of cable extension.
>>Connectix says that 3 
>>feet is allowed, I was able to use a 6 feet
>>parallel port extension.

Hello folks-

I'm new to this list, but I wanted to let you know that I am currently
using a 50 ft cable on my color QC.
The only trick was to use a power adapter to run the 5 vdc to the camera
instead of the keyboard adapter.  I am getting great quality, and it is
nice to be able to get it away from the computer.  I'm going to use this
set-up for a cyber-cafe that I'm going to be opening in about a month. 

   I was wondering if anyone knows the pin layout on the serial cable? I'm
looking for a pair of un-used pins that I could run the power through, so
all you would have was one cable going to the camera, and the power would
plug in on the computer side.


Howie Oakes
Athens, Ga. USA

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