Re: Cable Extension

Whoa, 50 feet?  what kind of cable do you use, could we get some more detailed
info on exactly how this was done?

>I'm new to this list, but I wanted to let you know that I am currently
>using a 50 ft cable on my color QC.
>The only trick was to use a power adapter to run the 5 vdc to the camera
>instead of the keyboard adapter.  I am getting great quality, and it is
>nice to be able to get it away from the computer.  I'm going to use this
>set-up for a cyber-cafe that I'm going to be opening in about a month. 
>   I was wondering if anyone knows the pin layout on the serial cable? I'm
>looking for a pair of un-used pins that I could run the power through, so
>all you would have was one cable going to the camera, and the power would
>plug in on the computer side.

>Howie Oakes
>Athens, Ga. USA

E-Mail: Jacob Crow <jcrow@straylight.3jane.net>
Date: 09-Jul-97
Time: 17:06:13

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