Cable Extension (Re: quickcam)

> I want to extend the b&w quickcam wire 100 feet. is this possible?
> I tried extending the nine wires from the ball to the shell but it didnt
> seem to work.
> Will those uhf wireless parrallel port extenders work with quickcam?

I doubt that 100 feet is possible with any kind of cable extension.
Connectix says that 3 feet is allowed, I was able to use a 6 feet
parallel port extension.

Extending the cable between the ball and the plug is not a very good
idea. I am told that the IBM version carries the pure (so-to-say analog)
signal from the CCD chip on that cable to a a/d device in the plug.
So if you extend that cable, the signal will degrade before it can
be transformed to a "clean" parallel port transmission. (The Mac
version should have the a/d device inside the ball.)

So you should ask a physics major on that. Someone who likes cables.

Using the UHF wireless port extender could be an interesting idea. Why
don't you walk into a store and test it there and let the mailing list
know if / how it worked?



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