Re: CU-see for Linux

> it yet.  One of the problems seems to be that I am using Tcl 7.5 and Tk
> 4.1.  Does anyone know of, or have, a version of nv that supports
> CU-seeme for Linux using these libraries?

nv seems to want older Tcl/Tk libraries than that, and I don't think 
anyone has hacked it to work with color cameras yet.  Vic works nicely 
with newer Tcl/Tk and cqcam, but it doesn't work with CUseeme.  Oh, well.

One of my projects (Real Soon Now), if no one else does it, is to get 
out-of-date Tcl/Tk, hack nv to work with cqcam, and distribute a 
statically-linked nv/cqcam binary.  But I don't think anything of the 
sort exists yet.

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