CU-see for Linux

Dear All,
	This has probably been asked too often, but I am new to the list.  I
have a color quickcam that I need to start using for videoconferencing
with other schools.  The software that has been settled on will be
CU-seeme since the other sites are running Windows 95.  I run a Linux
box, and need to get CU-seeme running locally.  Currently I have the
color camera working under cqcam-0.40b.  I also have the reflector
package reflector-4.0b3 installed, although I haven't done anything with
it yet.  One of the problems seems to be that I am using Tcl 7.5 and Tk
4.1.  Does anyone know of, or have, a version of nv that supports
CU-seeme for Linux using these libraries?  Is there a different way to
impliment this?  It doesn't look like nv contains audio support.  How do
I set that up?  Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

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