Creation of Drivers for other UNIX Workstations...

Is anyone interested in creating either kernal drivers or hacked 
versions of "nv" or "vic" that use the connectix quickcam for other 
workstations? It would be great if there was a low cost solution for 
AIX, HP, Solaris, SunOS, Digital UNIX, et al. I have access to servers 
and workstations for most of the OS's (sp?) and could give you guys time 
to hack (they are not production machines so kernel hacks are allowed). 
We could release these drivers under the GNU license and everyone would 
have a cheap videoconferencing solution.

I know this falls outside of the range of this discussion so please 
e-mail me as opposed to posting to this list. Just in case this header 
gets screwed up, my e-mail address is:


Thanks for the time,