Well, I got tired of not being able to use the Kewl Portato (look for it 
on fine Linux sites near you :) ) because the parallel port was tied up
by the 'ol Q-cam..  as I already am maxed out on card slots, a second port
was out of the question. So! to the point of my story...
I got an old 386DX33 motherboard out of the closet, threw in 4MB of ram, 
hooked up an old 120MB ide drive and controller, and got an "El-Cheapo"
NE2000 Klone.  I proceeded to setup Linux on it, S L O W ! ! ! The kernel
compile with an 18MB swap part. took 12 hrs!
Then I got a generic 8-bit parallel card and put it in.

Mind you that this box has NO CASE, NO VIDEO, NO KEYBOARD, etc etc...
It is just a collection of boards and wires... Hmmm I wonder if I hung it 
from fishing line from the ceiling, I could call it "art" :)

Anyway, back to the subject :)

After I got it all working, and could telnet in, etc, I setup NFS, and 
nfs mounted a dir on the little monster to my bigbox...  

Now, every 10 min, a cronjob takes a picture with the qcam, and dumps it in
the NFS exported dir.  The bigbox then merely has to put the image into the
webpage!  Totally kewl... :)

the web page looks the same, just the picture gets there in a different way..

See it at http://www.rt66.com/martian/iggy.html

Thanks again to all the Qcam developers!!!!