Quickcam to ethernet, via stripped Linux box.

Paul Haas writes:
 > My quickcam cord is too short.  I'm thinking of making a Quickcam to 
 > ethernet interface out of an old 386.  Ethernet cables can be very long.
 > The system has a case, power supply, motherboard w/4Mbytes RAM soldered 
 > in.  I'll add a keyboard (so it'll boot), a floppy, a ethernet card, and 
 > a parallel port card.

Many bioses can be configured to run without a keyboard.

 > Has anyone built a stripped Linux system for this or similar purposes?

Yes, Paul Gortmaker <gpg109@anu.edu.au>.  He has Linux running in 1MB
of RAM.  Look at <http://rsphy1.anu.edu.au/~gpg109/mem.html>.  This is
without networking, but a stupid application like a QuickCam reader
doesn't need any networking per se.  All it needs is the raw Ethernet
interface and a little protocol built on top of it.

Not only that, but a system with 1MB ram and the parts you discuss
above can be built from BRAND NEW PARTS for under $200.

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