Quickcam to ethernet, via stripped Linux box.

My quickcam cord is too short.  I'm thinking of making a Quickcam to 
ethernet interface out of an old 386.  Ethernet cables can be very long.
The system has a case, power supply, motherboard w/4Mbytes RAM soldered 
in.  I'll add a keyboard (so it'll boot), a floppy, a ethernet card, and 
a parallel port card.

Has anyone built a stripped Linux system for this or similar purposes?  I
know a bootable system fits onto a floppy and can run on a RAM disk, because
that is how the install does it.  I haven't done this sort of thing before
and the devil is in the details.  I'm inspired by "Xkernel" for Sun 
3/50s.  A stripped kernel to support one task, running X windows.

My other driving force is to not saturate my Pentium polling the parallel 
port.  The ethernet puts a much lower load on the system.

Paul Haas