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I think you may be shot on that.  They are fundamentally different.  
However, in addition to the quickcam on our Linux box which is our web 
cam, we have a Mac in the office that I would like to put one on to demo 
CU-SEEME.  What is he asking? I will purchase it.

Brett Hays

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996 LserkD@mail.hsonline.net wrote:

> I'm new to the QuickCam so if someones asked this before sorry...
> My neighbor has a QuickCam for the Mac, He's not using it and
> will make me a real nice deal on it... The one catch is it's got
> the Mac sub-din plug on it instead of a db-25... I called Tech Support
> and asked if there was anyway to convert it for use on the PC and was
> told "No We make one for the PC also" So, Am I out of luck?
> Thanks, Denis
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