Re: Xfqcam problem, FYI.

In message <199602011910.LAA01179@exit.com>, Frank Mayhar writes:
>I'm trying to use Xfqcam on a FreeBSD 2.1R system (with appropriate patches
>to make it work that were recently posted to the freebsd-hackers list).  I
>have a very recent quickcam connected to the lpt port at 0x278.  It works
>fine under Windoze, obviously, but xfqcam complains that it can't find a
>camera.  I checked the qc_find routine, it's watching 0x278, but the register
>isn't changing.  I don't really know what's going on.  Maybe newer quickcams
>need a start command of some kind?
>I've CC'd this to the quickcam reverse engineering project as well, FWIW.

The probe code is sort of flaky.  Try hard-coding the port number in
the QuickCam configuration file, and see if that helps.

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