Auto-bright, Frame Rate, and success!

	Well, I'm not sure what happened to the parallel port on this box
	after installing the new card, but all seems to be back to normal
	now.  I grabbed the 1.01 xfqcam stuff, edited out the non-
	essential usleep()'s, and everything is wonderful.  No more 
	vertical stretching!
	I've been following the thread concerning the auto-brightness and
	was playing with it a bit tonight.  Not only does it seem to make
	it a bit easier to adjust the qcam, but it results in a 60%
	speedup here.  80x60@6bits gives me a rate of about 32fps.  With
	the brightness set at 255, the framerate jumps to 51!  WOW!!!
	This is on a AMD DX4/120, 16M Ram, Bi-directional EPP port and
	8bit depth on X w/ #9 Motion 771 card.
	All I can say is "WOW!"  It seems that Connectix only expects
	around 15fps on a Pentium 90 (judging from the booklet in the 
	box).  Just one more reason why Linux is the Choice of the Gods!
					-Steve Philp