Re: load & brightness

Thomas Davis wrote:
> I'm game for changing the interface to what is defined.  But, I'm not
> game for changing it multiple times.  Let's get one standard, that _any_
> Unix system (BSD, SysV, UnixWare,  Solaris x86) can at least support. 
> (Sorry OS/2 and NT people..)  Maybe even get the library and the drivers
> to be _one_ package...  Pick it up, and the package builds the library,
> and then uses THAT to build the driver for your system..  (in fact, One
> True Package would be really, really nice..)

I don't mind maintaining all of this, but I'm still a bit short on 
time.  I've finally got my system put back together after my 
motherboard upgrade -- ask me about debugging serial ports with 
questionable serial hardware, flaky cables, and buggy modems sometime.  
Anyway, I'd like to grab Thomas's bidirectional code and add it into 
the library I've been sitting on, release another version with all of 
the patches people have sent, and then see what can be done to roll the 
kernel driver and the library into something approximating a coherent 

Of course, if someone else with more time wants to handle this, I 
certainly wouldn't be offended :-).  I can do it, but I can't promise 4 
releases in the same week, like I did the first part of this year.
> >From the looks of it, only about 2-3 hundred quickcams have been sold
> because of our efforts.. (just kidding..  that's coming from my ftp
> logs..)  With the NV stuff, that should, say, triple, right?

I've had well over 2,000 hits on my FTP site.  I haven't tried to sort 
out unique sites, but the anonymous FTP load has increased by at least 
a factor of 5 over December.  That's without any sort of official 
public announcement.

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