wireless quickcam

I had a random idea that I am almost certain wouldn't work, but it would 
be extremely cool if it would.  I have seen those mitsumi wireless 
printing systems for around $100.  I suppose they basically extend a 
parallel port wirelessly and my understanding is that they do not use any 
special drivers or anything but just retransmit and boost the parallel 
port signal.  I know the quickcam is extremely sensitive to cable length, 
but I do not know if the problem is signal loss or some type of impedence 
thing.  At any rate, has anyone tried this or know for sure that it 
wouldn't work. A wireless cam for around $200 would be way cool


> Rack it up to business is good.  I'm pushing Linux on the masses here in
> the Big O, and haven't really had time the past couple of weeks..
> It looks like I've got several more web servers, firewalls, and other
> stuff to produce in the next couple of weeks, so my time is very limited
> right now..  (We have blown NT based servers into the weeds.. :-)  And
> now, with ApacheSSL out, it's going to really pick up..
> We can also use somebody to write up everything done to date, and create
> either a FAQ or an HTML "Programmers Guide to the QuickCam Camera" guide.
> (ie, transfer modes, commands, and other misc stuff)
> Back to my firewall building..
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