Re: quiet list

> hmmm, seems the list has gotten a little complac...er, quiet, after our 
> massive strides the past few weeks.  We've got a lot now: snapshot 
> scripts, interactive viewers, video conferencing, even the elusive 
> mystery commands (x & y offset) etc....but there's still things to be 
> done to have truly reverse engineered the qcam and be able to produce 
> software as good as people who live under NDA. Let's not rest on our 
> laurels:
> remaining issues:
> * decoding 4 bit bidirectional image
> * jagged "nuke flare"
> * system load, even minor variances, causes bad fluctuations in 
> brightness

Rack it up to business is good.  I'm pushing Linux on the masses here in
the Big O, and haven't really had time the past couple of weeks..

It looks like I've got several more web servers, firewalls, and other
stuff to produce in the next couple of weeks, so my time is very limited
right now..  (We have blown NT based servers into the weeds.. :-)  And
now, with ApacheSSL out, it's going to really pick up..

We can also use somebody to write up everything done to date, and create
either a FAQ or an HTML "Programmers Guide to the QuickCam Camera" guide.
(ie, transfer modes, commands, and other misc stuff)

Back to my firewall building..

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