Re: quiet list

Russell Nelson writes:
> Paul Chinn writes:
>  > * system load, even minor variances, causes bad fluctuations in 
>  > brightness
> Yes, this is annoying.  I'll bet that the device is not fully
> handshaked, but instead needs additional programmatic delays, which
> are sometimes provided by multitasking, and sometimes not.  Yuck.

I have nothing to back this up, but I always assumed that this was due to the 
fact that the user domain driver can have its time-slice cut in the middle of 
talking to the camera.

Does anyone know if the same thing happens with the kernel device driver?

BTW: Paul Chinn also wrote:
> massive strides the past few weeks.  We've got a lot now: snapshot 
> scripts, interactive viewers, video conferencing, even the elusive 
Did I miss NV and VIC on the list, and does anybody know where they can be