Re: quiet list

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Paul Chinn wrote:

> hmmm, seems the list has gotten a little complac...er, quiet, after our 
> massive strides the past few weeks.  We've got a lot now: snapshot 
> scripts, interactive viewers, video conferencing, even the elusive 
> mystery commands (x & y offset) etc....but there's still things to be 
> done to have truly reverse engineered the qcam and be able to produce 
> software as good as people who live under NDA. 

Thanks...Really great work guys.  I wish that I was able to help.

> Let's not rest on our 
> laurels:
> remaining issues:
> * decoding 4 bit bidirectional image
> * jagged "nuke flare"
> * system load, even minor variances, causes bad fluctuations in 
> brightness

* 24-bit X-mode for the X apps :)

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