QuickCam Problems [OffTopic?]

Sorry, if this is a wee bit off topic but...

I just installed my new QuickCam today, and have a problem..  After 
installation I have a solid pattern of vertical white lines that extend 
from the bottom of the picture to nearly the top.  After about an hour of 
fiddleing with the cards (pulling things out) in my computer, the 
picture cleared right up.  So I put my computer back together again.

Then the QuickCam worked for a while, but the vertical lines keep coming 
back and disappearing and sometimes they just creep up the bottom the 
picture a bit.  It's really beginning to piss me off, cause I kind figure 
out why this just keeps occuring and going away...

Anyone have any idea what's wrong before I pull my hair out trying to get
this thing to work correctly?  I called Connectix and they said that a
engineer will call me next week :(

BTW:  This occurs in Windows & with xfqcam.