system load causing white flashes

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Chinn <loomer@1000klub.com> writes:

  Paul> anyone want to speculate on why fluctuations in load cause the
  Paul> image to flash?  I know the camera ram starts to fade, but I
  Paul> can't believe it fades *that* fast.  Things as simple as
  Paul> moving the mouse over a button can cause a flash.  Any ideas?
  Paul> The flash is killing NV framerates and will be unacceptable
  Paul> when we start recording animations.

I also noticed that the various QuickCam apps flicker whenever you use
the mouse or keyboard; I would assume that this is because the camera
and keyboard are sharing an input port.

I dunno about system load; I'll leave that to the amazing people on
this list who know enough about the camera's innards to build what is
a set of very cool programs, even at this stage in time.