fix for unidir xfqcam

Here is a fix (I think)(I hope...) for unidirectional ports
in xfqcam.  replace the function getstatus with this:
static int getstatus(int port)
        unsigned char status1 , status2 ;

        outb(0x06, port+2);

                status1 = inb(port + 1);
        } while (!(status1 & 0x08)); 

        outb(0x0e, port+2);

                status2 = inb(port+1);
        } while ((status2 & 0x08));

        return ((status1 & 0xF0 ) | ( status2 >> 4 ));

this is from Thomas' driver.  Please let me know if this
does not fix your problem.  If it works for enough people
I'll take it and a couple other changes and release
a new version.