Problems using QuickCam w/ new IO card...

I finally went out and purchased a new IO card so that I could
get a second parallel port to connect both my QuickCam and printer.  The
new card is a SIIG Enhanced IDE Master VL.  The problem now is that
the video from the quickcam is AWFUL...  The picture appears stable
w/ xfqcam, however, horizontal imaging is destroyed.  Horizontal lines
are extrememly jagged, and faces, etc are pretty blurry (I would 
imagine, because of the horizontal problem).  Vertical images (put up
a finger) appear WAYY too long to be real.  

	I started using the port in bi-directional EPP mode, but 
received the error and didn't know what to do to the code to 'hack
qc_readbyte'.  I changed the port to standard parallel, and got the
blurry picture.  Changing the port to bi-directional ECP gets rid of
the message, but the bluriness is still there.

	I was getting great pictures with an old no-name IO card, 
but needed to pick up a new card so that I could use the printer also.

	Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


	Here's a sample of the pictures.  The white blotch in front
of me SHOULD be the top edge of an envelope...

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