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Some more information, forwarded with permission.

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 Some more data on the QuickCam:

The cable connecting body of the camera to the cable shell
carries the following signals:

1 (thick black) GND  logic
2 (black)       GND  CCD
3 (white)       +5V
4 (blue)        SRG
5 (green)       SAG
6 (yellow)     !ABG  ( when 0, forces CCD chip ABG to the +4v level )
7 (orange)      ABG  ( when 1, forces CCD chip ABG to the -10v level )
8 (red)         IAG
9 (violet)      OUT  (black/white result in approx 7V and 6V voltages)

 1) This is for PC version.
 2) There may be different revisions of the camera. (this was rev B1)
 3) Colors may differ.
 4) Numbers correspond to the connector inside the qcam body.
 5) Explanation of signals was given in the previous message.
 6) All signals use TTL levels. (except camera output)
 7) !ABG and ABG pins must never be held both at 0. It overloads
    charge pump - camera voltages go down and nothing works after
    that (until voltages return to normal values)

BTW: JDR Microdevices (800)538-5000, sell 6 bit ADC with sampling
rate 20MHz for 5$ (p/n MB40576). Using this part, and a couple
of passive components it should be possible to use qcam body
alone. Frame rate can probably be increased, (20 times or so, if one
is capable to consume data at that rate) <- not for LPT port though.
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