Re: remote control

root writes:
 > There is some guy who has a basic stamp controlling servos that move the 
 > Qcam.
 > He has a web page in Finland? I think.. I'm sorry, I dont have the actual 
 > address, but I saw his Kewl Page, and it actually lets YOU control the Qcam!
 > Use Lycos or Webcrawler to find it. (Webcrawler... God forbid we should use
 > AOL's search tool :) )

On the way to finding the <http://pe-mac6.pe.chalmers.se> (Sweden, not
Finland), I found a kit for a 5-axis robot at
<http://www.dris.com/~slogsdon/jims.html>, and lots of information on
the Basic Stamp at <http://www.robotstore.com/basic_stamps.html>.

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