Re: automagic brightness

Roger A. Unwin wrote:
> In a response i got from scott, i think he said that the camera returned
> some brightness value?  if this is true, why not have the driver print
> it out to stdout for laughs.  i think it might be interesting to
> compare the value to the optimum brightness levels, and maybe some formula might turn
> up....

	I think the windows drivers simply analyzes the data coming
  in and determines the values to send for the next frame.  Seems
  like the easiest way to do it. :)
> other than that, the only easy way i can think of to set the brightness
> on the camera automagically would be to prepare a histogram of the
> colors (gray shades) occuring in the picture.  then depending on where
> that curve lies, shift the values.  
> if there was a program to do that......
> anyhows, just got home, remembered that, and thought i would share it.
> BTW: does anyone know if connectix is aware of this driver yet?

	They probably know..  Has anyone enrolled on the connectix
  developer email list yet?  They are supposedly providing some
  help to those who are trying to write drivers.. :)


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