NV and the QuickCam

While being snowed in, I worked a little bit on integrating NV with 
the QuickCam.

It is kind of working, I have to work out exactly what format of data NV
likes in y_data and what NV's greyscale widgets are capable of displaying. 
Best images come out in 160x120 mode and strange things happen with other
modes.  The QuickCam library hangs when I try to do 320x240 frames, which
is quite odd.  I need to redo the QuickCam controls to add Brightness,
Contrast, and White Balance sliders. I have radio buttons for BPP. 

This is a bit of a fight at the moment, nv-3.3beta wasn't written for Tcl 
7.4/Tk 4.0 and RedHat's gdb 4.12 isn't grokking the gcc 2.7.2/bintools 
output. Lots of annoying bugs all over the place (like not being able to 
adjust the max-xmit rate slider down from 128...).

If anyone is interested, I could make up some diffs of the work in 
progress and it can continue from there, perhaps sometime tonight.

Simon Janes