Re: 16/24-bit color mode?

xqcam wants an 8 bit display because of the shared memory images it uses.
To get speed the code basically bypasses xwindows calls and puts the
qcam output in a buffer shared by the X server.  This means also that
qxcam won't work across a network.  It's a technique used by Xdoom and
The easiet pixel image format to understand and work with and the fastest
is the 8 bit one- that's why I used it.  Once we get a bunch of the other
qcam related stuff working (bidirectional, all screen sizes, etc) I'll
take a stab at atleast 16 bit mode.
In the meantime people will have to put there X servers in 8 bit mode.
I used to run mine in 16 as well- so I know what it is like to suffer
for my art. :^)