Re: QCAM 0.1 now available

Scott Laird writes:

 > What worried me was a malicious user doing something like 'qcam -p 
 > 0x1f0' and taking out a hard drive.  I figure someone logged in as root 
 > was more likely to be careful.  Now that I have a configuration file, I 
 > should be able to disable the -p option for everyone but root and run 
 > SUID without too many problems.  Thanks, I'll add this for 0.2, which 
 > should be out sometime before the weekend, depending on how much time I 
 > have to work on this.

I think the best thing to do is autodetect the parallel port.  Have to
do something like this:

  if (q->port == 0) {
    int *portptr = {0x378, 0x278, 0x3bc, 0};

    while(*portptr) {
      q->port = *portptr++;
      if (qc_open(q)) {
	if (qc_detect(q))
    if (*portptr) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Can't autodetect the QuickCam -- you may need"
              "to explicitly set the parallel port address.\n");

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