QCAM 0.1 now available

Scott Laird writes:

 > This program *must* be run as root to allow access to the parallel
 > port.  This program should *not* be run SUID root, as it does very
 > little error checking.

There's little difference between running it while logged in as root
vs running it SUID root.  Security concerns are reasonable.  I
modified qcam.c so that it resets the userid just after getting the
I/O permissions.  It's possible to call setuid(0) before resetting
permissions, but it's not necessary to reset permissions because they
only apply to the current process, and it's going away.

   /* Attempt to get permission to access IO ports.  Must be root */

   if (ioperm(qcport, 3, 1)) {
     fprintf(stderr, "%s: can't get ioperm.  Exiting.\n",argv[0]);

+  setuid(getuid());

Now the makefile needs an ``install'' procedure which includes:

	chown root qcam
	chmod u+s qcam

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