Something from Connectix...

Todd Larsen writes:
 > I thought everyone might like to see this:

I saw it.  They've ALWAYS had a developer's program, and it's always required
(and still requires) a non-disclosure agreement.  Perhaps the new one
allows source disclosure, but I really doubt it.

Anyone, at any time, can sign the non-disclosure and write a freely
copyable user program or kernel module to interface to the QuickCam.
That's not the point.  The point is to have source availability, so
that ALL OF US can hack on it and make it faster, or to extend it to
issue an MPEG video stream, or to interface it to nv, or WHATEVER.

Been making progress.  I've figured out that the four high bits of the
status port are data and the bit weighted 08h is the handshake bit.
Still have to figure out how to issue commands, but we're getting

Has anybody figured out how to run QuickPic.EXE under Wine and enable
(and log -- that's the important part) parallel port I/O access for it?

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