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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 95 17:09:33 -0800 (PST)
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From: Vishal Nanda <nanda@connectix.com>
Subject: QuickCam Low-Level Protocols !

Dear Developer,

Due to overwhelming response from developers we have decided to make the
QuickCam low-level protocols available to the developer community. Our
intention was NOT to withold this information indefinitely from developers
but rather wait until we could identify engineering resources to document
these protocols in a manner that would be valuable to developers.  However,
please note that:

- Connectix CAN NOT provide technical support or assistance of any type on
these protocols

- These protocols are subject to change without notice should a change be
necessary when we rev the hardware

- Connectix WILL NOT support end-users who use drivers obtained from any
other sources other than Connectix

- A signed non-disclosure/non-compete agreement is needed to obtain access
to these protocols

- If you are developing for Windows and Macintosh, you DO NOT need these
protocols.  The preferred way to talk to the camera under Windows is "Video
for Windows" and "Quicktime" under Macintosh.  We will be releasing a
separate "developer's guide" for developers who are developing under Windows
and Macintosh.

We will include getting access to the QuickCam low-level protocols in the
new Connectix Developer Program we are starting.  We are in the process of
documenting these protocols and should have these available for distribution
by the 2nd week of January.  The developer program will be hosted on a web
site.  I will send you the http address in the next few days.  Thank you for
your interest in the QuickCam.  If you have any questions about this
program, please send email to developer@connectix.com.


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