Low-level protocols for the QuickCam (fwd)

 > > From: Vishal Nanda <nanda@connectix.com>
 > > Subject: Low-level protocols for the QuickCam
 > > 
 > > Dear Developer,
 > > We have received your request regarding low-level protocols for the
 > > QuickCam.  While we value your interest in developing new applications for
 > > QuickCam, Connectix is unable to release the low-level protocols for the
 > > following reasons:

 > > =B7 Writing to low-level protocols requires a lot of work which we cannot
 > > guarantee will have compatibility with future versions of the camera. It is
 > > also a very time consuming process to document changes with every revision
 > > to the hardware.  Writing to Video for Windows and Quicktime are safe
 > > choices and Connectix does not have the resources to support other=
 > >  environments.

We are willing to do that work (which should be clear from looking at
<http://www.crynwr.com/qcpc>).  Poor and incomplete documentation is
better than no documentation at all.

Linux users are generally upscale, early adoptors.

 > > =B7 Developers who are developing on certain platforms (e.g. Linux) are
 > > legally bound to make their source code available when they release
 > > applications/drivers to others.  This can damage our efforts to protect
 > > Connectix's proprietary technology.

And yet, when we are finished reverse-engineering it, your efforts
will have been in vain.  What you *can* do, is ensure that we do NOT
create more Connectix owners, by ensuring that we waste valuable time
reverse-engineering, when we could be writing Connectix applications.

And consider that anyone who wishes to abscond with your proprietary
technology will 1) Not tell you that they are doing so, and 2) Will
have the resources to do it quickly, and right.  Anyone who can afford
to bring a product to market can afford to reverse-engineer their
competitor's products.  And arguably, would be stupid not to.

You have little to gain from not disclosing your product's protocols,
and much to lose.  Yes, I realize that you see 95% of developers using
Windows.  That's because you only support Windows!  You'd have to be
crazy (as we few fanatics are, who love your product, and want to use
it on the operating system we love) to buy your product without support.

 > > We regret not being able to support you by providing you with the low-level
 > > protocols at this time and we continue to explore different alternatives to
 > > provide support for other operating environments.  Thank You

And I assure you that whatever support you choose to give us, even
though it be unofficial, incomplete, and contradictory, will be
greatly appreciated.  If, for example, a FAX, containing various
technical information about the QuickCam/PC, were to appear on my FAX
machine, I would neither question nor pester the source.

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