Low-level protocols for the QuickCam (fwd)

Hi everyone,

I got this canned message from Connectix the other day...


Vishal Nanda wrote:
> From nanda@connectix.com  Fri Dec  1 17:57:48 1995
> Date: Fri, 1 Dec 95 14:28:56 -0800 (PST)
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> From: Vishal Nanda <nanda@connectix.com>
> Subject: Low-level protocols for the QuickCam
> Dear Developer,
> We have received your request regarding low-level protocols for the
> QuickCam.  While we value your interest in developing new applications for
> QuickCam, Connectix is unable to release the low-level protocols for the
> following reasons:
> =B7 The majority of the developers (> 95%) who are interested in writing
> applications for QuickCam are using the Windows and Mac platforms.  The
> right way of doing this is to access the camera using Video for Windows or
> Quicktime calls to our drivers.  Thus there is no need to directly access
> the port or low-level protocols in these environments.  If there is
> functionality of the camera that you would like to access that is not
> supported by our drivers, please let us know.
> =B7 Writing to low-level protocols requires a lot of work which we cannot
> guarantee will have compatibility with future versions of the camera. It is
> also a very time consuming process to document changes with every revision
> to the hardware.  Writing to Video for Windows and Quicktime are safe
> choices and Connectix does not have the resources to support other=
>  environments.
> =B7 Developers who are developing on certain platforms (e.g. Linux) are
> legally bound to make their source code available when they release
> applications/drivers to others.  This can damage our efforts to protect
> Connectix's proprietary technology.
> We are however starting a new program called the Connectix QuickCam
> Developer Program for developers who are writing Windows and Macintosh
> applications for the QuickCam and will be releasing a developer's guide.
> This program will go into effect on Friday 8th Dec and we will have all the
> details of this program as well as the signup forms on our Web site
> (www.connectix.com).=20
> We regret not being able to support you by providing you with the low-level
> protocols at this time and we continue to explore different alternatives to
> provide support for other operating environments.  Thank You
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