InterestedRe: color quickcam and linux

Unfortunately, this is my Master's Dissertation, which means I can't
>release any of this software even into beta-testing until I hand it in.
>My final deadline is the end of September, but if anyone would be
>interested in trying out this software, I am collecting a list of people
>who would be interested (so that I can forward it to my promoter to try
>and convince him to let me release it into the public domain earlier).  If
>you really would like to use a kernel-level driver for the colour cam,
>send mail to my college address (akapa01@dcs.bbk.ac.uk) stating what you'd
>be using it for (and anything else nice that you'd like :).
        I would be using it for a badging application. The user space version ha
s to slow a frame rate. The high resolution camera lags by as much as 10 seconds

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