Re: color quickcam and linux

> I've been searching all over and I haven't found a kernel driver for
> any UNIX platform for the color camera.  I'd also like to hear about
> one, if it exists. 

I currently have a working kernel level driver for the colour quickcam
(basically a kernel module which performs all io, lets you change
paramaters via ioctl and read a picture in millions mode as raw data (so
you can use libjpeg or something to convert it).  I also have a number of
basic applications (video-camera type, still camera, taking a series of
pictures, etc) and I am working on a camera server (user-space), client
(in java) and protocol for sending.

Unfortunately, this is my Master's Dissertation, which means I can't
release any of this software even into beta-testing until I hand it in.
My final deadline is the end of September, but if anyone would be
interested in trying out this software, I am collecting a list of people
who would be interested (so that I can forward it to my promoter to try
and convince him to let me release it into the public domain earlier).  If
you really would like to use a kernel-level driver for the colour cam,
send mail to my college address (akapa01@dcs.bbk.ac.uk) stating what you'd
be using it for (and anything else nice that you'd like :).

The driver is linux only, and not very portable at the moment, but I'm
planning on changing the code once I have some feedback from the linux
crowd (I love linux :)  The code's gone through ten revisions so far, and
is fairly stable, but there's still a lot of work to be done.  I await any
interested people :)

Simon Kapadia

Junior Software Engineer 
Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies)
Bydgoszcz, Poland.

email	:	skapadia@lucent.com
www	:	http://www-pd.pl.lucent.com/~skapadia
tel	:	(+48)52-741958

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