hey all,
i recently purchased a color quickcam and it did not include a manual. i
hooked it up before buying it and loaded the windows software and
everything worked fine, good picture quality and all. so i bought it and
took it home to my p133 linux box and hooked it up, and changed my
parallel port to bi in the bios and loaded some software. i first tried
xcqcam the cqcam cqread and several variants, and for some reason even if
i adjust the focus on the unit all the picutes come out fuzzy, not really
interference type stuff and the images are slightly (very very slightly)
viewable. i have tried reinstall and reconfiguring the camera and still
the fuzzy (kinda like looking through a piece of glass that's been
sandblased). i am just looking for any ideas any of you may have as to
what could cause this problem. a demo picture is avalable upton request.


ps: checked a few FAQ's and didn't find anything that could lead to this

Xservo {servo@garbage.netrox.net} \ KF4MKT