Re: Re(2): Quickcam device driver for Linux

Don't forget the FreeBSD community!!!!!!!!!

On 14-Jun-97 William Young wrote:
>>   IMHO kernel driver is unnecessary -- quickcam is a polling-only device
>> with no IRQ or DMA support, and access to it requires rather large buffers
>> that should be filled fast by doing long polling loop.
>Well, one of qcam-kernels coolest features was that it had a standardised
>interface, and built in reusable librarys(of the /usr/src/linux/include
>variety). IMHO, this is where we should want to go. Think about the socket
>paradigm; you include a socket() call using a kernel based library, and
>your app communicates with the kernel to get the data. Hence, when you
>write an app that uses the network, you don't have to worry about
>incompatiblities; as long as they include IP support, you're OK.
>If the kernel libs were documented (one of my big projects for the summer)
>then there would be a damn good arguement for including them in the
>official development tree. There is difnate interest in the linux
>community. At the Atlanta Linux Showcase last week I spoke with some guys
>from DEC, one of whom got his QC to work under AXP/linux.
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