Re: Re(2): Quickcam device driver for Linux

>   IMHO kernel driver is unnecessary -- quickcam is a polling-only device
> with no IRQ or DMA support, and access to it requires rather large buffers
> that should be filled fast by doing long polling loop.

Well, one of qcam-kernels coolest features was that it had a standardised
interface, and built in reusable librarys(of the /usr/src/linux/include
variety). IMHO, this is where we should want to go. Think about the socket
paradigm; you include a socket() call using a kernel based library, and
your app communicates with the kernel to get the data. Hence, when you
write an app that uses the network, you don't have to worry about
incompatiblities; as long as they include IP support, you're OK.

If the kernel libs were documented (one of my big projects for the summer)
then there would be a damn good arguement for including them in the
official development tree. There is difnate interest in the linux
community. At the Atlanta Linux Showcase last week I spoke with some guys
from DEC, one of whom got his QC to work under AXP/linux.


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