Hi there.  I'm attempting to port the qcamlib to a bsdi platform so i
can get nv with the qcam patches working.  1st of all, i need a
qcam.conf sample if someone has one.  Also, any hints on porting the
qcamlib to bsdi would be appreciated.  I have the freebsd port which is
the closest thing so far, but there are some differences.  For example,
bsdi does not have a /dev/io device file.  Also, i couldn't get the
following line to compile from quickcam_grab.c:

	scantmp = scan = qc_scan(qc);

instead i tried modifying it like this:

        scantmp = scan = qc_scan(qc, dummyscan, dummyretlen);

This does compile, but i get a segfault.  I did remove the reference in
qcam-os.c to /dev/io.  It seems to be just a check to see if it exists
and is readable.  Any thoughts on any of this?  TIA.

Don Joy
System Administrator
SooNet Corp