Re: Re(2): Re(2): Quickcam device driver for Linux

>> No, perhaps not, but you may want more than one app accessing the camera
>> data at a time,

 You are correct if you are comparing the device driver model against
what is currently done where every application talks directly to the

 What I've done (and what I described a few letters back) was a
system where there is exacty one program talking to the camera
(I called this the camera server) and applications that want to
get pictures from the camera contact the camera server process over
the network and make their request with it.  

 This has the device-driver-like advantage of keeping clients away
from the camera but does a lot more:  e.g. clients can be anywhere
on the network, the server code can enhanced to do interesting
things such as auto brightness/contrast, sending deltas, sending
recent pictures rather than waiting for another capture.   There's
lots of room for experimentation.

-john foderaro

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