Re: Re(2): Re(2): Quickcam device driver for Linux

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Sean Foderaro wrote:

>  What I've done (and what I described a few letters back) was a
> system where there is exacty one program talking to the camera
> (I called this the camera server) and applications that want to
> get pictures from the camera contact the camera server process over
> the network and make their request with it.  
>  This has the device-driver-like advantage of keeping clients away
> from the camera but does a lot more:  e.g. clients can be anywhere
> on the network, the server code can enhanced to do interesting
> things such as auto brightness/contrast, sending deltas, sending
> recent pictures rather than waiting for another capture.   There's
> lots of room for experimentation.

  qcwebcam does the same thing, but server produces jpeg-compressed
output. It will be rather simple to add the capability to send original
raw/ppm image or to use pluggable codecs/convertors, and I think, in that
form it can easier work with interfaces like SANE (scanner interface that
now has its own modulr for quickcam, but IMHO can improve it a lot).