Re(2): Re(2): Quickcam device driver for Linux

jkf@tiger.franz.com,Internet writes:
> I think that the device driver just doesn't buy you anything.
>I doubt that you'll be doin
>g   cat < /dev/qcam > mypic
>since there are so many parameters to set before you can take
>a picture.  

No, perhaps not, but you may want more than one app accessing the camera
data at a time, i.e. you're running a network deamon thats reading data and
now some user wants to look through the camera with some other
app...hmmm...this dosn't work if the camera manipulation takes place within
the individual apps because the variying apps will be confusing the camera
with diferent request, etc..., i.e. there's no multi-user coordination that
you would have if it where being accessed properly via a unix device
driver. It's a multi user system, devices have to be treated in a
multi-user fashion.

Mike Sharkey
X11 Development
SoftArc Inc.

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