Re: accelerated movies

> What tool did you use to convert BMP files to a MPEG file?

bmp ? do i look like someone who would use micro$oft format ?
considering pgm aint much different, i wont argue on that :)
so : i save all my picts (a1, a2, a3, ...) in a directory.
These are all in the pgm format (man pgm if u installed
netpbm for more details). These picture are usually too dark
so i run a
/whatever_path/ImageMagick/convert -normalize $i $i.pgm;\rm $i
to expand to 255 colors the histograms of all these pictures.
Then just ask mpeg_encode to take all the a*.pgm files and it
will give u the .mpg in return.
Can be viewed using mpeg_play or xanim.