Re: e: Microcontrollers, robots etc... w/qcam

Stew Benedict <benedict@netcom.com>  said something that vaguely resembled:
> This would be great (Linux development tools for HC11). Do you have
> a place you could make them available for download?  I've got a 
> development board from New Micro laying around here.

There's a whole quite of devtools for the HC11 on one of MIT's ftp
servers.  cherupakha.media.mit.edu:/pub/miniboard, I believe.  Along with
FORTH, C, C++ source code and compilers, etc.  The devtools are for a range
of platforms, from Alphas and Suns to amigas.  Somewhere on the site there's
several examples of servo programming and very detailed FAQs, tech specs, docs,
etc. for doing all sorts of things with the '11.