Re: picture quality xqcam vs. xcqcam

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Patrick wrote:

> > I was playing around with the two drivers for the QuichCam color and I am
> > wondering why the quality of the picture of the qcam driver seem to be
> > better than of the cqcam driver.
> You are probably using cqcam in 32bpp mode.  It's faster (2 to 3 times
> faster), and it allows larger pictures (up to 640x480), but the images are
> noticeably fuzzier.  Use the -32- option or change the default bpp to 24 in
> config.h. 

No, this wasn't the problem. I tried everything - without success. OK, the
difference is not very big, but the image appeares (in my opinion)
sharper. You see this, if you double the size of the pictures. The
difference is not big, but I am working now at printing postcards. Maybe I
am a bit paranoid (it is really warm outside - time to go to the open air 
bath). I put three samples (the names should be self explaining) on our
ftp server:
user: ftp@ikrek
file /pub/wedemann/colqcampics.tar.gz

This is a bit strange but our firewall is quite restrictive. It is only
there today and tomorrow because the pictures are too nice.


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