Re: picture quality xqcam vs. xcqcam

In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.970519142448.25996B-100000@hadrian.inet.dkfz-heidelbe
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> Hi!
> I was playing around with the two drivers for the QuichCam color and I am
> wondering why the quality of the picture of the qcam driver seem to be
> better than of the cqcam driver. I changed all color parameters of
> cqcam but I didn't got a picture as nice as with qcam. Is there a problem
> with the programs or is this my fault?
> Gero

Hi !

My experiences are quite the opposite. Much better picture quality with cqcam.
Perhaps the hardware revision of the qcam has something to do with it ?
Mine is rather new. Bought (directly from Connextics) Mars 97.


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