anyone gotten information from Connectix yet?

I've been doing a fair bit of work on my freebsd driver -- I've separated it
into top and bottom parts,  all of the tricky code dealing with the camera
device itself should be linux/netbsd/bsdi/freebsd compatable with little or
no change,  however a linux version of the top part of the driver will need
to be written.

I've gotten bidirectional mode working solidly now and re-reverse-engineered
some of the decoding logic.  Now it -really- makes sense.  However, I'm still
seeing the occasional timing-based bogon and I would love to find out if
connectix added any interrupt capabilities into the interface chip and just
did not use them.

In any case, if anyone's seen connectix documentation, I'd love to talk to you.
I have not requested it directly yet, because I'd like to publish my complete
driver without ever having seen it, but I would like to at least chat with
someone who has seen their docs to confirm some suspicions I have.


p.s. after the next driver release, I will look at the connectix docs and
     update my driver as appropriate,  I just want to get out the completely
     clean code first.