Re: More about my QuickCam, live server push...

> > >    Well, I was corrected before, I didn't have the first implementation
> > > of an on-demand QuickCam.  However, I'm pretty sure that I can say that
> > > I have the first live on-demand video server with a QuickCam, using
> > > Netscape server-push animation.  It also successfully deals with
> > 
> > Haven't the "fuzz-cam" and "rip-cam" been doing this for some 
> > time?...server push animation quickcam movies?
> I checked them out, they appear to just server-push the last 100 scheduled
> frames to you.  This is different, it's pushing you an unlimited number of
> live frames.

Not the first live server push either, there are three that I personally
know of doing it.

almost always up is: http://moenjedaro.cephas.com/wasim/picture.html
up about 3-6 hours a day: http://grouchy.dialup.ais.net/picture.html
And I don't have the third reference handy.

These are being accomplished with a qcam snap routine that runs the
image through pgmenhance and cjpeg to reduce it down to about 3k, then
the image is copied to the cgi-bin area where a perl script continuously
pushes it.