(U) Changes required for AIX qcam library

spend overly much time.  The only change I had to make was create a
qcam-AIX.c and qcam-AIX.h set of files with the parallel printer port commands
in them.  Specifically, an up-front open of /dev/lp0 and then ioctl() calls
to read the data, status and control and write to status and control.

The qcam library compiled cleanly but xqcam failed with no XShm support.
Using qcam I captured images and noted the following:

o The time to read an image was about 10 seconds!!!
o The image appears to have vertical bands of light and dark supperimposing the
o I had to use a cable (what was available) to allow me to plug the camera
  into the parallel port.  The cable was a 25' D-Type extender.  I suspect that
  the signal loss on this cable must be horrific and may be causing the
  banding.  The camera is too close to fluorescent lighting as well.
o During the runs, the qcam code consumed 100% of CPU!!

I have not yet performed any advanced debugging.

Cheers ... Neil